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Gold Vs Gold Plated

Gold vs Gold Plated

Gold Vs Gold Plated

In its truest form, tarnish free jewellery means jewellery that won’t fade or discolour over time.

Solid gold definitely ticks this box!

Gold plated jewellery will eventually go back to its silver base colour or turn green in colour.

All gold (apart from 24ct pure gold) is made of a mix of other metals that is mixed with the pure gold. Real gold will never turn silver or green.

Real gold is a commodity and an investable item and will always have a resale value. Gold plated is simply silver dipped in gold and has very little resale value (other than scrap silver value)

Sterling silver will never discolour, but we recommend removing silver before showering to avoid the silver tarnishing. If it does tarnish, it can be easily cleaned using silver cloths or silver dip.

In our store we sell only real gold and silver. Nothing plated whatsoever. Visit us online or pop instore.

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