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Why Not Exchange Your Old Unwanted Jewellery for Something New and Exciting? 

We are always happy to make you an offer for unwanted watches and jewellery and we are proud of our reputation for honest appraisals and fair prices.  

 Precious metal is one of the very few items which has a guaranteed resale value.  Don’t hang on to old items you no longer wear or enjoy – use your current item to buy a new item that you love. You can even use your current item as a deposit against something new. 

If you are thinking of exchanging an item, please either send the items by Special Delivery post (informing us first) or bring them to our High Street store in person for a instant valuation & sale guidance.

The price quoted to you by one of our appraisers will be paid to you instantly in cash. Please bring 2 Forms of ID with you such as a bank card, driving license, passport or a Utility Bill – one form of ID should contain your current address.

 Either way, there is no obligation to sell and we will give you expert and impartial advice as to your item’s value free of charge.  

We often allow a higher price on part exchanges, than on outright purchases. Don’t delay – exchange your old unwanted items today!!

Examples of items we accept for part exchange

✅ Gold And Other Precious Metals And Coins  ✅ Diamonds And Other Precious Gemstones
✅ Jewellery And Silver Items (tea sets and candlesticks, etc)  ✅ High Quality Watches  ✅ Scrap And Broken Precious Metals

Ready To Part Exchange Your Unwanted Jewellery