Borrow £10 To £20,000 In Store Today

Against Your Gold Jewellery, Diamonds Or Prestige Watches
Including Rolex, Cartier And Breitling

  • Confidential Service
  • No Obligation Quotes
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • No Appointment Needed

What is a Pawnbroking Loan?

A Pawnbroking Loan is a short-term loan (7 month contract) secured against items of gold, silver, diamond jewellery, quality watches.

The amount of the loan is dependent on the item(s) provided as security.

Simply bring an item of value in to our retail shop, our trained staff will value your item and together we will agree a loan amount with you that you feel comfortable about repaying.

We will give you a credit agreement, which is also your pledge receipt. This clearly outlines the amount you have borrowed and what the repayments are. You will be asked to sign this.

We give you the cash and keep your items safe and secure until you come back to repay your loan.

You can get your valuables back at any time by returning your pledge receipt and paying what you owe under the agreement. You have up to seven months to redeem your loan.

What happens if the loan is not repaid?

We follow the guidelines laid down by The Consumer Credit Act:

  • We will write to you informing you that your contract has expired.
  • We give you time to come in and redeem your items.
  • We want to help you wherever we can. If you cannot redeem the full amount owed by the end of seven months, you can repay the interest only, and we will renew the loan for you. You will get a new contract and an additional seven months to pay us back.
  • If you do not wish to redeem your items then we will sell your pledge so that we can recover the debt.
  • After we have recovered the loan amount and interest accrued, any additional funds will be yours.

I.D. Required
You Need To be Over 18

You Will Require Two Forms Of Identification To Prove Who You Are And Where You Live. These Can Be A Driving Licence Or Passport And A Bank Letter Or Council Tax Bill.

Please Contact Us For Full Details.

We Are Members Of The National Pawnbrokers Association

  • Firm Name: Southend Discount Gold Ltd
  • FCA Number: 713562

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit activities. Permissions Number