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9ct Yellow Gold Small Faith, Hope & Charity Pendant

This pretty 9ct Gold Yellow Gold pendant presents the special symbols of Faith, Hope and Charity. This pendant can be worn on a bracelet or necklace.

£60.00 £40.00

9ct Yellow Gold Moon and Stars Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold cute Moon and Stars Pendant. Suitable for wearers of all ages and makes a great budget-friendly gift.

£70.00 £40.00

9ct Yellow Gold Mobile Phone Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Mobile Phone pendant. Great for that mobile phone addict!! Suitable as a bracelet charm or neck pendant.

£70.00 £40.00

9ct Yellow Gold Teddy Bear Pendant

What a cute little teddy bear! This 9ct Gold Yellow Gold pendant is perfect for a Christening or new baby gift as the start of a gorgeous gold charm collection.

£60.00 £40.00

9ct Gold Channel-Set CZ Cross

9ct Gold Channel-Set CZ Cross – gorgeous small budget-friendly gold cross with sparkling stones that would make a lovely gift or treat to yourself.

£80.00 £40.00

9ct Yellow Gold Magical Unicorn Pendant

Unicorns are supposed to symbolise the spirit of purity, innocence, and childhood. This beautiful 9ct Gold Unicorn pendant is suitable for wearers of all ages who would like to embrace the magic of the unicorn.

£90.00 £50.00

9ct Yellow Gold Horse Pendant

The beloved animal that is a horse is presented here as a lovely 9ct Gold pendant. Beautifully crafted in intricate detail to be enjoyed by the wearer and their admirers.

£90.00 £50.00

9ct Yellow Gold Pussy Cat Pendant

A perfect little 9ct Gold Yellow Gold feline friend! Can be worn as a charm on a bracelet or necklace pendant.

£80.00 £50.00

9ct Yellow Gold Simple Heart Pendant

9ct Gold Yellow Gold simple heart pendant. This stunning modern pendant is set in classic yellow gold. Suitable to be worn on a necklace or as a bracelet charm.

£100.00 £50.00

9ct Yellow Gold Small Star of David Pendant

Attractive 9ct Gold Yellow Gold Star of David pendant. Simple classic style. Its shape is that of a hexagram, two equilateral triangles. Small size.

£90.00 £50.00

9ct Yellow Gold St Christopher Pendant – Small

9ct Gold traditional style St Christopher pendant thought to bring safe travels to the wearer. Small size means it can be worn on a chain, a bracelet or even given to a child.

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£100.00 £60.00

9ct Yellow Gold CZ Fairy Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold CZ Fairies Pendant. A beautiful piece shimmering with cubic zirconia stones. Fairies have magical meanings to some wearers but this pendant can also be enjoyed simply as a lovely piece around the neck.

£110.00 £60.00