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9ct Yellow Gold Round Tubed Cross

In its most simple form is this lovely 9ct Gold tubed-style Cross, suitable for a lady or a gent. This Cross is perfect for everyday wear and is also very popular as a Christening gift.

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9ct Yellow Gold Small Faith, Hope & Charity Pendant

This pretty 9ct Gold Yellow Gold pendant presents the special symbols of Faith, Hope and Charity. This pendant can be worn on a bracelet or necklace.

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9ct Yellow Gold Horseshoe Pendant

A horseshoe, or a representation of one, is regarded as bringing good luck to the owner. This 9ct Gold Yellow Gold Horseshoe pendant is suitable to be worn as a charm on the wrist or pendant around the neck.

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9ct Yellow Gold Small Evil Eye Pendant

The evil eye is thought of as a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon. This 9ct Gold yellow gold Evil Eye Pendant is believed to protect the wearer from these things by acting as a gold protector (amulet). This small pendant is suitable for bracelets or necklaces.

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9ct Yellow Gold Moon and Stars Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold cute Moon and Stars Pendant. Suitable for wearers of all ages and makes a great budget-friendly gift.

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9ct Yellow Gold Mobile Phone Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Mobile Phone pendant. Great for that mobile phone addict!! Suitable as a bracelet charm or neck pendant.

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9ct Yellow Gold Small Anchor Pendant

The anchor is supposed to symbolise stability and strength. Putting down an anchor can also represent the end to a journey. This small 9ct Gold anchor has been beautifully crafted with the rope design surround.

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9ct Yellow Gold Teddy Bear Pendant

What a cute little teddy bear! This 9ct Gold Yellow Gold pendant is perfect for a Christening or new baby gift as the start of a gorgeous gold charm collection.

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Silver CZ MUM Large Pendant

Silver CZ MUM Large Pendant – for that beloved mum as a perfect shimmering gift.

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Silver Fancy CZ Cross

Silver Fancy CZ Cross – this beautiful cross would look great around the neck of any lucky owner.

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9ct Gold No. 1 Mum Pendant

9ct Gold No. 1 Mum Pendant – remind MUM that she is your number 1 with this lovely Number One Pendant. This excellent value 9ct Gold pendant will be enjoyed for years to come on the neck or wrist.

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9ct Gold Fancy Heart Mum Pendant

9ct Gold Fancy Heart Mum Pendant – a perfect budget-friendly gift for a special mum. This can be worn on a bracelet or chain and is a classic style suitable for everyday wear.

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